Monday, July 18, 2011

Slow market, busy week

Week with intern was fun. Had him do all the sh*t I didn't want too, then took him out to dinner every night.

Market's doing terrible at the moment, sitting on a buttload, but ain't able to buy anything. Also, one of the former occupants of a property came back and smashed the crap out of everything. Everything. Hell, even the ceiling light fixtures 15 feet up. Work beckons.

Checked out some new model homes in Brea. Nicely staged, as they should be. Have come to the conclusion that I'd rather have a smaller home than a bigger one.

Went to the OC Fair. Expensive, but interesting. Fried Kool-aid was an extreme disappointment.

Photography ain't doing so well, not much opportunity to shoot at anything, but that will change, hopefully.

Started bartending school today, broke a glass. Should prove fun and interesting if today was any indication.

Note to self: Another card 7-17

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