Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Short Hike

Decided not to go for that Triumph GT6 after all.


Finished Skyward Sword. Was fun, provided some 40 hours of amusement and some Wii Motion Plus related frustration.

Went on a short hike in the Malibu area: Mishe Mokwa Trail to the Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak(Mt. Allen). Girlfriend complained a lot. Would have been better if twin also came, since that would make it seem as if girlfriend does not complain much at all.

Then again, maybe complaints would just get louder and more argumentative.

Lots of ladybugs in stream on trail.

Also tested out Clik DSLR backpack. Decided that it was probably meant for a smaller DSLR.
Konni is a bit too fat for it.

Ate at the Lazy Ox Canteen. Expensive. Would not recommend. Lola Gaspar was much better.

Next adventure will probably be Stoney Point Park.

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