Monday, August 13, 2012


Stoppit SB249.

I don't want you, I didn't vote for you, and I certainly didn't vote for Senator Yee, who wrote you.

Why Super-Anti-Gun San Francisco is trying to push laws that affect my rights some 400 miles to their south is beyond me.

What's the point of making Mag-locked firearms illegal, when, if you are truly so concerned, there are hundreds of other models of firearms that are ballistically  and functionally identical to these mag-locked firearms? Why not ban those first? That is, if you are truly concerned with the "danger" these "Assault Weapons" pose.

I'm going out to get me an AR. Gonna pull money from everywhere and scrape up enough for that Colt AR. And when the time comes and the gun is required to be confiscated(ex-post facto, can you believe it?!), I'll hand it over. And I will know that this country is has truly gone to the pits, that our politicians wrap themselves in the flag, yet burn the Constitution, and that I should start expatriation.

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