Sunday, November 18, 2012

Slow week, did pointless DIY

So...ain't done shit this week, really.

Thanksgiving par-tay was rather underwhelming this year. Bright spot? SuburbanDweller came down from the Bay. However, others decided to go to Vegas and thus participation was at an all time low.

So...after being very bored this week, I decided I would do a DIY project.

Materials purchased:

1 Sawhorse
32BF Plywood
5BF Select Pine boards
1 pint Ebony wood stain
1 pint American Walnut wood stain
1 pint Polyurthane
1 pack foam brushes
1 2in foam chair pad
2sq. yds. black marine vinyl
Assorted misc. hardware (screws, bolts, nuts, etc)

Can't say what I'm making, but I can say this:

Staining wood is fun.

1 comment:

TqM - A.D. Burnett said...

This might be a long shot (/sarcasm)... but are you making something you sit on? I think the 'foam chair pad' either gives it away or provides adequate misdirection.