Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mayans frantically Christmas shopping

The so-called apocalypse didn't happen. What did happen wasn't much of a surprise.

My father has been introducing me to various acquaintances of his here in Taiwan, fishing for a woman he approves of to be my new girlfriend. Mind you, this is while I am still quite happy with my current one, despite her shortcomings(none of which I can recall, if she cares to ask, but I am quite sure exists. My father believes they are myriad and insurmountable. My opinion varies.).

On the bright side of things, I was able to play and beat Halo 4(nooo...Cortana...). Took a few pictures of random things, but most of the time in Taiwan I spent not dealing with my father's antics I spent wandering about the city. That and catching up on my reading. Lots and lots of reading.

Picked up a few paperbacks at the airport newsstand before I left the States. Heinlein mostly.

Coming back, lots of things to deal with.

As usual, stacks of paperwork, job sites to check on, supplier and contractors to update, but my real problem is:

My condo's tenants have moved out. Do I move in or do I continue to live with my parents? Practically, I would stay where I am, get new tenants, and continue to collect rent. It would also save me lots of commuting to and from work and friends.

On the other hand, I can afford to move out, and get mental relief from having to live with and work for my father/bossman at the same time. Commuting time spent would probably be made up for in lecture time saved(at least until my father discovers the convenience of the modern cellular telephone and unlimited minutes). And as much as I would enjoy driving more, I'd much prefer it over being lectured.

Privacy advantage is also a mixed bag. Sure, I could bring whatever women I wanted home, but

a) no women crawling out of the woodwork trying to get into my pants as it is(and if there are, please, let me know through the comment button below)
b) walls are not thick in a condo complex, and with my inclinations and tendencies, well, nosy neighbors and cops are a worry.

Of course, I'd have to do housework and such, but I've never shied away from work before. Cooking will probably be annoying, but laundry I can bring home, since I'd be coming home to the office near every day anyway.

Of course, the most important argument I have against moving out is my sickly mother. If I move out, and something happens, who will watch over her? My father, who is often away? I don't think so. I guess I can always sleep at home whenever I need to, since I am reluctant to leave my mother by her lonesome.


Maybe I should give it a try. I mean, if all else fails, I can always move back in, right?

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