Tuesday, September 3, 2013

.-. -.-

Tile and Grout in my bathroom just about done.

It was taking too long to find some free time for my tile folks, so started grouting myself today. Will finish tomorrow, time allowing.

Had dinner at Mr. Charley's new domicile. He grilled steaks. Went back a few days later to help him set up some electronic stuff.

Attended social group's Labor Day Event. That being a BBQ. My first ever win at a game of Cards Against Humanity. Also realized that playing Munchkin with a large group of people is an exercise in patience that I fail at.

In Other News:

Are we gonna fling missiles at Syria, or not? What's the issue here? If we just blow up all the WMDs neither side will have any, and we'll not have to worry about someone gassing another suburb!

Related: I should find my gas mask.

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