Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sushi Koyo

This place has quickly taken it's rightful place as my favorite restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed, the food is better than sex(maybe, I don't quite remember), and the people you meet are awesome.

Just today, I met a guy, Steve (age 62, as of next week), talked a bit, shared a bottle of Asahi. He apparently travels a lot, and was once in the waste paper, like recycling paper) business. Interesting, friendly guy. Told me about his adventures on Facebook, and the son that may or may not be his. The atmosphere lends itself to quiet relaxed conversation among strangers.

The chef(only one) is an old Japanese guy named Hiro. He has an interesting business model: Insult the customers while serving them the best sushi they will ever have.

It happens to be a very successful model. The regulars go nowhere else. I find it hard to eat sushi elsewhere now that I'm hooked.

Now if only it were cheaper...

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