Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Falling into a habit

My sleep schedule has regularized. I'll try to go to sleep around midnight, wake up around 0700, roll around the bed until 0745, get to work by 0800.

Breakfast consists of toast, or dumplings, and juice, tea, or Tang.

On a normal day, I'll work till a)I get an injury that requires I go home to take care of it, b) finish by 1600, or c) work till 2000hrs.

Between the hours of 1200-2000 are two or three meals, depending if I forget a meal or two. My average day will include about 150 miles of driving.

When I get home, I'll have a few hours to take care of things: online browsing, letters, paperwork, etc.

S**t, shower, shave, and sleep comes around midnight.

and then, I'll wake up 0700, and start the cycle all over again.

In other news:

Arizona shooting: jumped on by every political critter, Liberal or not. Disgusted.

And postage to Hong Kong is more than it used to be(two standard stamps). Now it's two stamps plus $.10. Ugh.

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