Thursday, January 27, 2011

K701s and Cracked Ribs

I cracked my rib snowboarding. Oddly enough, it's the same rib I cracked last time.

It hurts.

I got myself a pair of AKG K701s to sooth myself.
Some might ask why I didn't get K702s.
Answer: I like white better.

In order to drive these cans, I needed a better amp than the one I have now. Will be getting a Bellari HA540 in the mail soon. Will probably be tube rolling, if I can dig out those looted tubes I had.

Had a stakeout yesterday. Nan joined me and brought along his projector. Was less boring than it usually is.

Haven't been taking as many photos as I would like, and those that I have taken didn't come out very well. Will work more on this when rib heals.

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