Monday, April 25, 2011

Portal 2, Tests,and the IRS

Portal 2. Got it for the PS3. And like every other reviewer out there, I say to you:

Buy It. Play It. Love It.

Took my first test in a while, a open book, timed "Real Estate Practice" final. One step closer to that broker's license. Four more tests to go. And only one of them big.

The bane of taxpayers everywhere, the IRS, is poking its nose in my general direction. It's driving the office nuts. It's driving the accountants nuts too. Ain't nothing to find, but they're gonna find something anyway. Tempted to just cook something for them to find so I can pay a fine, they can go away, and I can go back to work.

Legal robbery, that's what it is. The auditor can't go back empty handed after spending almost a week looking through the books. It's just another way of stealing money from the people who had the foresight of saving it up. They wouldn't be here if our accounts were almost empty, I bet.

I already give them half my income, and they come back for more of it.

F***ing sour.

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