Thursday, August 25, 2011

A very late blog post

Finally got around to editing my photos, not that there were many.

The rest will be going on Flickr soon.

Speaking of which, do I want to pay for Pro...or not?

Recounting the past week+.....

Many nap parties, fixed a bunch of things at my girlfriend's house, established that my awesomeness makes peoples'(or just girls') parents like me, and ate duck curry.

SuburbanDweller has been and gone, but fun times abounded while he was here.

Chocovine chocolate wine is complex and oversweet, but good in small quantities.
Mead is Viking Cruck Juice, and we like it cold.

Nan finally got a job, as a bartender! Guess that Mixology Certification came in handy after all.

Currently having guests over, kicked out of my own bed for two or three nights.

Watched "Into the Woods" musical. Enjoyable and witty, but can't help but draw comparisons to Congress.

In other news: remember this section?

Libya rebels take Tripoli (almost). Happily surprised at short length of armed action.
Now comes the hard part.

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