Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I made a headboard.

My girlfriend's twin sister needed help with her DIY project, spent some 8 hours on this thing. Learned how to make custom cloth buttons. I also did not make it to the hike I was going to go on.

Post-project SMS messages amused me:

Me: My legs are sore for some reason.
Her: My shoulders are sore and my legs
Me: You sure worked me hard. Your bed is no joke.
Her: Haha yes sorry about that. Didn't think it would take the much effort. Stupid buttons
Me: Lol. The innuendo just deepens.

In other news:

I am now "too manly." As in overly so. Also "too physical." Unsure what to make/do about that.

Drawsome is awesome. And buggy.

Ate Gen BBQ in Tustin. Delicious, but super long wait. Not amused.

Accompanied girlfriend and girl friend to game developer networking event at the Auld Dubliner bar. Some might see the issue with this. Was bored. Not amused.

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