Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magical Powers

It seems that modern life is rife with consumer goods lacking in durability. I had to replace my PC mouse, since the previous one...popped off. I now have a R.A.T. 3. So far, so good. Headphones supposedly arrive tomorrow, will say more after burn in.

Thinking about purchasing Modernist Cuisine. The books intrigue me, and all the reviews I've seen have been glowing. However, it is still a very large chunk of my disposable income. We shall see.

Valentine's Day approaches, and I've the gift prepared ahead of time. Now, I only need work out the proper...delivery for maximum impact.
Ideas are already floating about.

Notable Notes: I have "magical parent powers," capable of calming others' parents with my very presence.

Not a bad superpower to have, methinks.

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