Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fare thee well, Foie/ Les Miz/ Brave

Had that Farewell to Foie dinner.

Kinda overpriced, kinda over-salted, kinda over-foie'd.
Meh. Ain't gonna be eating it again. Not in the People's Replubik of Kalifornia anyway.

Got the stitches out of my finger. Hurt more coming out than it did going in. Typing still a pain in the finger.

Saw Les Miserables at the Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa. Incredible. Will see again sometime. More excited about the upcoming movie now.

Broke into the burnt down house I bought a few weeks ago. Aggressive as hell beehive in the back. Got stung. Looted shit, and by shit, I mean "nothing." Not worth it.
Father picked up weird alien toy thing. He seems very pleased with it. For a man worth many millions, he likes the cheapest things. Mom brought home a 4-cd collection of 80's rock music. Has promptly decided she doesn't like rock music.

Saw Brave last night, and liked it. Will be getting the soundtrack. Not too excited about any other movies coming out this summer.

Mom's youngest brother is staying over for the next week to take care of business in the States. Means the GF can't stay over. Again. I are amused at how much more annoyed she is at this than I am.

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