Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zelda + Big Bang + Transit I Missed

Voted again! For the life of me couldn't remember who I wanted for District Attorney, picked one at random, otherwise, went for the Republican ticket.

Being a single issue voter makes life easy.

(That Single Issue is 2nd Amendment Rights, FYI.)

Ordered some Sodium Polyacylate and Sodium Alginate for an experiment of mine. Other ingredients to be found in a local health food store, I hope.

Zelda Concert was awesome and nostalgic. Soundstage needed a lot of work, but otherwise, the concert was brilliant. Felt like picking up my ocarinas and playing along.

Bought seats for a Farewell to Foie Gras Feast, seeing as said delicacy is being banned in California come July. First shark fin, next foie gras, what next? Beef?

Summer running/backpacking season is upon us. Barefoot? or not?

Uncle coming to stay for a week starting Tuesday. Not really my issue, but fixed up the wall in the bedroom for him. Yay!

Finished the latest season of Big Bang Theory. Fun stuff, but feels like it's gonna come to an end soon. Which will be sad. Of particular amusement, to me, was the Good Guy Fluctuation. It's hard to be a good guy.

Just sayin.

Missed the Transit of Venus, didn't have the right equipment anyway.


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