Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grilled Meat Week

Water pipe burst in the basement last night. Had it fixed this morning, but still went without shower after a night of Korean BBQ with my girlfriend's father. His birthday and all that.

Had grilled meats in various forms three times this last week, got the runs after two of them. Also had several days in which I only had one meal/day. Probably related.

Saw the most beautiful supermarket at Palos Verdes yesterday. Played more Munchkin today.

Olympics: Missed the opening ceremony. Saw the US men's swim relay team lose to the French, of all people. Soccer between the Japanese and the Moroccans got exciting during the last five minutes. Soccer between the S. Koreans and the Swiss were more violent than expected. Also, if Japan is called "Nippon," why is it called Japan? And why is the abbreviation for Morocco "MAR"?

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Soundless said... explains the Japan thing pretty well Probably explains Morocco?