Monday, July 9, 2012

San Fran and Back

Cousin arrived, took him to San Fran for the weekend. We took HWY1 up again, following the same path as my last vacation with my Girlfriend.

We ate a lot.

Hotel in Monterrey the first night was ridiculous. $200 for a double queen. A condo at Catalina in the high season goes for $200 a night.

New: Went to 17-mile Drive. Foggy as hell. So meh.

San Fran weather was as interesting as expected. Fog some places, sunny as SoCal in others. Microclimates galore.

Had several friends move up to the Bay recently, visited. They seem well, though one seems lost. Stayed at SuburbanDweller's. Still had a key on my keyring, actually.

New: Visited Exploratorium. Next to visit: Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.

Note: The Bison in the Paddock were fruitful this past year.

Front Left wheel well panel fell off. Oddly enough, same thing happened to the last car, last time I went to San Fran. Go figure.

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