Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birthday week for teh birfday girls

Went to the optometrist for a follow up after last week's pinguecula incident.

Good news: pinguecula has receded and I can now wear contacts again.
Bad news: prescription has changed, eg. no longer stable, therefore no laser for me.


GF's birthday week is far more eventful and exponentially more expensive than my own. Spent $300 over two dinners, and refused to go to a third. Presents are also $$$.

That, however, was a paltry sum compared to the money spent ordering parts for my vehicle. Upgrades incoming. Even found me a place to have them installed, recommended to me by car enthusiast friends. Will name and review at after work is complete.

About those dinners:

The Playground was delicious, if over salted. My previous two visits, I ate off special menus(or no menu at all), so this was the first time I was able to eat off the regular menu. I find myself inclined to prefer Chapter One and Lola Gaspar better. For one, they both have full bars(though lacking cocktail onions(dammit)), while The Playground only serves beer and wine. Food was, as stated above, delicious, but oversalted.

Haven Gastropub in Pasadena: This being my second visit to this location, I knew what to expect. I do like the selection of proprietary cocktails at the full bar they have, made even better by the large proportion of whiskey based drinks on the menu(They also have some 40 whiskeys on their whiskey menu, for those interested. I certainly was.). Moving past the drinks and onto the actual vittles: If one somehow manages to gather at least eight people and have them all agree to it, one can call Haven a week in advance and order a lamb dinner for $42/person + tax and gratuity. Very worth it. Consists of lamb roast(enough servings to stuff all participants) served with potato salad, brussel sprouts, and macaroni. Cooked to perfection(depending, of course, on the cut you get), it was a very satisfying meal, well worth the $50 spent.

In other news:

The next Harvest Moon game is to be released soon. Excited.

Winter is coming, but the weather is still fluctuating like a *DELETED FOR YOUR PROTECTION*!

Upcoming elections. Decided that my presidential vote is useless, but will vote the Republican ticket on the state level, to prevent the Democrats from completely taking over the state. As far as how I will vote for Congress, I have yet to decide. I'm still leaning Right, despite how much I disagree with the Republican social issues platform. I just don't trust the left. Any government that tries to disarm its populace just isn't to be trusted, whatever their excused. Oh, and taxes. Stoppit.
Propositions? Haven't read them yet.

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