Monday, October 29, 2012

Harvest Moon + Make Work

This week, most of my attention has been focused on new 3DS Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.
As a long time fan and player of the series, I would say that this is more reminiscent of the first few Harvest Moon games than the more recent ones. And that is a good thing.

However, I made the fatal mistake of selling all my building materials early in the game, and two seasons in, I had to restart due to that action dragging the story speed down. Sigh.

My friend had a BBQ on Sunday(yesterday), awesome steaks, delicious shrimp, and fine whiskeys. My kind of party. Also, I carved a pumpkin.

Work has slowed down a lot this week. It is unlikely to pick up for some time, meaning I must now Make Work. Planning on going to Texas for a week to check up operations there something I haven't done all this year.

Girlfriend voted already, the Democratic ticket. I've decided the Congressional and Presidential votes already, but still haven't gotten to reading on the Props yet.

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