Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Taiwan is best with mosquito net

Back in the mother country. One of my cousins was thoughtful enough to prepare a pop up mosquito net tent for me.

It's brill. Ain't have a bite yet.

Been eatin' a lot. Spending time with my grand mother.

Went to see a big waterfall yesterday. Also had an air raid drill yesterday. That was interesting. No cars allowed on the streets. Basically, the city came to a stop for a half hour.

No argument with the GF this trip. Yet.

Got a bunch of stuff online for the PTR. Setting it up as a 16inch DMR. Still looking for a way to carry magazines for it. Looking for a bandoleer type system where it's easy to take off and go prone due to DMR type setup. Hard to access mags on a chest rig when prone.

Still need a scope and chest rigs for tw WASR and AR. Probably a Beez for the first and a 5.11 TacTec for the latter.

Still, gonna need ammo for the PTR or this is all going to be for naught.

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