Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Found a bit of ammo, but no 308.

Found me a brick of .22, finally, but it was $40. Crazy.

Not a whiff of .308 to be found though.

Outfitting new guns is hard. Want Tritium sights for WASR and bunch of stuff for PTR(as configured, kinda unusable). Not easy to find, or cheap to get a hold of. Need to make 10rd mags out of some 20rd rebuilds, as 10 rounders are hard to find for PTR, yet, 20rd rebuilds are plentiful and cheap.

I leave for Taiwan again this Thursday. Need to prepare Konni(D7000), as grandma wants photos.

Lots to do before I leave though, kinda annoying. Will be working late-ish tonight.

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