Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Here, There, Everywhere!

Returned a few days ago.

Lots of good memories about this trip. Will try to keep in contact with new friends, young or not.

Highlights for the short week:

Visited my Aunt and Uncle. Probably my favorite Aunt and Uncle, though they don't know that.

Another aborted rendezvous, random archery, many stairs.
Fine mornings, quiet evenings, and lots of mainland penis(visited a bathhouse; bath was fine, company was not).

One of the young ones was more distressed than the others when we all had to part ways.

She got a sweater(Nike, with thumb holes. Didn't much like the color, though she seems to like it. Certainly wears it more than I ever will.)

Another got some hugs and a pointy nose.

The last bit me.

Only four of us left the island, the rest stayed behind.

Apparently, Flyaway buses are cheap. Will look into it in the future. Or not. Not like I can't afford a 60 mile taxi ride.

Straight to work the day after.

Father has decided to majorly remodel the back end of the house. 

Hurricane Crazy visited a new project. Back unit literally torn in half(truck + chains maybe?)

Crazy white people in Glendale and their trees. Planted cypress. Wanted Podocarpus. WTF is Podocarpus?

Shreve Rd windows installed wrong type. Need to be replaced! This is what happens when I'm not around! Another Thousand or so Down the Toilet we call Bureaucracy.

On my third beer of the hour. It's 0200, and I need to be up at 0700 to catch the plane to Houston.

Chatting online with a 13yr old, telling her not to drink and that males are bad.

Good deed for the day: Done!

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