Sunday, July 7, 2013

Taiwan, part the next

Been in Taiwan about a week now.

Tour group of 20+me. One other older than 18. Not too bad though. 

Am enjoy imagining that I am being a beneficially corrupting influence. 

Eating lots of 7-11, as the daily Chinese food does not agree with me. Some tacos and guac would be good right now. 

Or even a proper steak. 

Hoping that my clients are doing well after I referred them to my coworkers.

Visited a whole bunch of places, but will still need to find the time to visit my grandmother.

Going to be after we make it back to Taipei though, as we are now on the south end of Taiwan.

One girl in particular has been having especially severe reactions to the mosquitoes. Treating her twice a day, her once swollen hands have been much reduced over the last 5 days.

Kids these days. So carefree. 

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