Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Home for Christmas

(NOTE: No longer being transcribed from journal, as not traveling and have a full size keyboard in front of me. Will note again when I start writing.)

Had an interesting few 10 or so days since coming back. I got rid of my work backlog pretty quickly.

I sent out my passport the morning after my return(16th) and got it back today(24th). I had it expedited, but I still found it amazingly quick work for a government bureaucracy.

I got my new phone, an iPhone 5s in grey. I also got a Lifeproof case for it, and bastardized a car mount for it as well. I quite like it. What I don't like is having to get a full priced unlocked phone for travel. I don't see why I can't get a on contract phone unlocked, since I'll be paying my cellphone bill even while I'm away anyways.

I had an eviction on Friday. It sucked, since they somehow didn't know we were coming and had a Christmas tree up with presents and everything. It makes a man feel terrible when you see people putting Christmas presents into their car because you're kicking them out of a house that isn't theirs anymore. I dislike the holidays for this very reason.

Met up with lots of people returning home for the holidays, which is the only thing I do enjoy about the season. Went out to go bowling with the kids from my summer trip in Taiwan, but ended up playing boardgames at nearby Game Empire after bowling was determined to be too expensive.

Tomorrow, well, today now, is Christmas. I don't plan on much, but will probably draw up the house a little more.

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