Wednesday, December 25, 2013


12/15/2013 Taipei

Nothing of import has happened these last few days. I will leave for Los Angeles tonight. Instead of writing previous of days' non-adventures, I will simply list what I must do on my return home.

Renew Passport/Get New Passport(ran out of pages and will be traveling a lot)
Get Visas for Vietnam, China, India, and Cambodia
New Phone
Pay Taxes
Rent out properties (Foothill, Motz, Grier)
Draw plans for house addition

12/10/2013 Taipei

Another quiet few days, only three hours of lectures total, which is easily tolerable considering I had budgeted for five times that amount.

Today would have been my anniversary. For obvious reasons, I won't be celebrating, as I no longer have a woman to call my own. Even if I had, I am half the world away. Still, I plan on getting a bit drunk before turning in for the night.

In other news, new pen nib not too happy with LAMY ink, so I have since changed to Pilot's own brand of Iroshizuku ink, in a beautiful blue color, Tsuki-yo, or Moonlight. I find it quite pleasant to use.

12/06/13 Taipei

Nothing of note has taken place these last few days. I didn't end up going to Thailand due to rioting and protests in that country. Had instead two days of lazing around, one day of Bioshock Infinite at Cousin Arthur's. Today, I started the Starbound beta, and am loving it.

I'm now using a cursive italics nib in my Pilot Vanishing Point and am loving it. It forces me to write a bit larger and I suspect it uses much more ink, but I still enjoy it a lot.

Beyond that, my parents arrived in Taiwan. The dog days are over.

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