Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning Up My Closet

I've been noticing how hard it is to find stuff around my closet nowadays, and with my impulse buys of new guns and gear, a safer, more organized layout of my current closet storage system(toss everything in and lock the door) was needed. So I decided to pull everything but the shelves out of said closet and reorganize the place.

The first priority was to figure out a secure storage solution for my guns, and the guns of my friends who, for whatever reason, wish to store them here. Previously, I used the closet-with-a-deadbolt solution that most people rely on, and it would have been just fine if not for a friend of mine asking me to store her weapon. Unwilling to take responsibility for loss or damage of that firearm if something should happen while I'm away(my room is a high traffic area), I began to look for some kind of locking solution.

At first, I thought about getting a safe, but the cost was prohibitive, and the weight even more so. I sincerely doubted my weak closet floor could handle a thousand pound safe, not to mention I couldn't get it up the stairs to my room in the first place. The same went for the 500 lb models. There was a smaller 5-gun safe at Walmart that I almost got, but realized that,'s only a 5 gun safe, and I'll already have 3+ in my closet by the time it gets here. I'd probably outgrow it before the end of the year. The 10-gun Stack-On cabinet I would have gotten, but for two cravats, the lock was shitty(the metal too, for that matter) for the price, and it was goddamn hunter green.

Finally, I stumbled upon this website. The product is feasible and economically sound. It fits nine guns, and the only problem I could foresee is if I purchased a gun with a funny stock that wouldn't fit the rack. For $80USD, I'm willing to take that chance. If something like that does happen, I'll get a separate rack for that. Eventually, I'll have to get a safe for pistols and such, but I don't see myself buying a pistol in the near future, so that's a problem for another day.

Beyond all this gun-nut talk(I'm sure to many of my "guns-kill-people!" readers, I'm a gun-nut, aspiring), there's a s*** ton of backpacking/fishing/emergency-preparedness gear and tools that need to go into this closet, and I'm at a loss at how I'm going to fit it all in at least a semi-organized fashion.
I'll look into wall hooks for the packs and things in the morning after work, but I doubt many wall hooks could safely hold a 40lb pack.

In other news:

I'm really undecided about the recent Supreme Court ruling on corporate political spending.

Wait, no, that's a lie. I don't like it. Really, I don't.
It disturbs me on so many levels; I can't begin to imagine how vicious the mid-term elections are going to be. Union money spent viciously attacking the GOP, Corporate cash spent on ads denouncing Dems...

I don't think I can trust the TV anymore.

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