Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo Summary Malaysia Pt2

Finally found a good enough connection for uploads.

Visited a Hindu Temple, it's aptly named Dark Windy Cave or something

Took a picture of the burning sky.
Due to it being so close to the equator, the sun never sets till about 1930 local time.

A cart ride with my new friend.
It looked kinda like an Chinese funeral procession, what with the way the bike was decorated.

Two guys playing guitars and singing in an old Portuguese church, great acoustics.
Reminded me of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

The ceiling of the lobby of the hotel I was staying at yesterday, the Avillion Melaka.

In other news:

There's been lots of cats everywhere I've been going these last few days. It reassures me somewhat.

Also, I have rediscovered how hard it is to eat crabs.

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tibbyme said...

LOL crabs are hard to eat x) im glad you're having fun. wish i was traveling toooooo. lol are you on a tour?