Friday, January 15, 2010

Singapore, Taiwan, and Avatar (among other things)

Made it home to the US of A last night. Had some slight jet lag, but hey, that's one of the things whiskey(see post: Whiskey) can fix! But now that I'm back to my own computers and their stable high speed connections, I can finally blog properly again.

Here's the last photo summary of the trip, with shots from Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

The southern tip of mainland Asia, I have reached it.

Nice shot of a lamppost silhouetted against evening sky

The Merlion (yes, Mermaid/Lion) of Singapore. That thing on the building in the back ground is a ship. Yes, they're building a ship on top of the building, probably as a 2012 Ark.

In Soviet Singapore, Chinatown is a complex.

No place like home

Sure, it might not look impressive, but this was delay/shot after a 5 minute 35 meter straight up rock climb with no safety gear whatsoever, nor rope, for that matter. Had to do it all and get down quick enough before my mother saw me.

on the back wall, it says "He who shits here is a pig!"

The best damn seafood I ever had. On the northeast coast of Taiwan, look it up if you're ever there.

While in Taiwan, I saw Avatar. Yes, James Cameron's Avatar. Yes, I saw it in 3D, IMAX.

If you have the chance, go watch it. While it might make you hate America, being the leftist propaganda that it is, it cannot be denied that it is the most visually appealing movie I've seen in-, well, ever! The outdoorsy me giggles in glee while the sarcastic right-winger in me grunts in annoyance.

I suppose we should thank whatever deities are out there that James Cameron never directed Howard Zinn's The People Speak.

In other news:

Haiti should be receiving a check from me for $250 soon. God help the Haitians, and lets hope the next one doesn't hit here.

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