Friday, May 21, 2010

So a lot has happened...

I'm done with school.

Theoretically, that is.

I've completed all the units I need to graduate, but I applied for graduation too late, and will have to wait an additional semester before I can put on that ridiculous hat. But it is as it is, and I'm done.

What does it mean though? I don't feel all that much different than I did yesterday, but I guess I'm supposed to become a full fledged member of society now?

I'll work it out as I go along.

Someone asked me how I felt after we finished that last final. I told them that I felt tired.

I suppose I am tired. Tired of school, of life...of work. Mental stress.
But as I sit here, I decided that it ain't so much as "tired" as it is "tired of being lonely."

Though what that means, I'm not too sure about myself.

Well, I suppose I should go to sleep. Wake up bright and early tomorrow for work.

Need to become respectable and all that jazz.

May as well start now.

In other news:

The ending to Red Dead Redemption is super lame. And I still can't figure out how to disarm someone during a duel. I know how to do it in theory, but it doesn't quite work out.

And I got that Recon Tanto, but more on it later after I field test it.

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