Friday, May 28, 2010

Come and Gone

Life goes on. 22 doesn't feel any different from 21, though I doubt I'll be saying the same when I hit 30. If I hit 30.

Raided a condemned house. Mystery in how they got some of the stuff into the attic, as most of the furniture up there is too wide to fit through the tiny loft ladder hole-thing. Eventual, I kicked out a window and passed things down from the roof. Fun.

Found a .20 caliber air pistol, which I gave to SuburbanDweller.

Pops and I had a talk, which ended up pretty deep. Made me respect him a lot more than I did.

Beyond all that, I'm headed to Taiwan again next week. Will need to post random house check-ers again.

In other news:

Trying to find a 1911 under $800USD out the door that I like.

Not easy.

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