Tuesday, May 4, 2010

As I approach The End...

Finals are coming, as is Summer. Haven't yet decided what to do, though I will definitely return to Taiwan. Beyond that, maybe a trip to Alaska, or Holland, or both, depending on how various friend's schedules work out.

For now, my immediate obstacle is labeled "Finals Week." And forget not that various final papers and projects that go with it.

This really is just a short post to remind me to keep this blog alive, but I find it necessary nonetheless.

In other news:

It's odd that I find very little in the mainstream media about the 2010 May Day violence. Especially since I saw some of it for myself. But here's a link for the uninformed. Be sure to watch the video. Before you dismiss it as ludicrous and pure Anti-Illegal Immigrant propaganda, I've actually seen one of those Pro-Revolucion fliers.

And to bring up an interesting thought: When there is a group of illegal aliens in one country supporting overthrow of that country's government through revolution, violent or otherwise, isn't that technically a war? I mean, invading soldiers are technically illegal aliens, are they not?

And before you call me some kind of bigot/racist:

A: I am a hyphenated American.
B: I work with illegal Mexicans all the damn time, but they pay taxes. (Seriously, they do. They also make an attempt to learn English.)
C: I understand the need for cheap labor, but I refuse to take the crime that goes with it. Immigration reform is needed, but general amnesty for a single color I cannot abide, especially since I know so many who have been waiting patiently through the legal process, yet will not benefit before those who hopped a fence.

Oh, and Iron Man 2 is being released this Friday. I'm going to watch it with some friends at 0001hrs. Joy.

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