Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lone Ranger

Well, the trip tomorrow is down to one participant: myself.

It's amazing how one could attempt to plan an event more than a month in advance, with 7-10 initial participants, and have them all jump ship with less than a week's notice.

I'm still going, even if I have to go by myself. Three reasons why:

One: I want to get out of this city. I want to smell the fucking fresh air and hear the fucking water flowing. I want to see the trees and the animals and feel the wind and sun on my skin.

Two: If I let this event die, it would be a failure. And failure is unacceptable. I will not let the inaction, inconvenience, and/or laziness of others to lead me to fail. If all others give up, I will move forward.

Three: I will not be a boring person. I will not sit back on a couch and watch TV all day when I can do something exciting. Never let it be said that I sat by the wayside and let life pass me by.

To me, letting this go would simple be irresponsible. How could I face myself if I were to be so weak?

But others wonder why I do not simply postpone the trip?
Let me ask you this: I gave a month's advance notice. Do you think there would be a different result if I delayed two weeks? They are who they are, and I am who I am. In the end, I can only be responsible for myself.

And to those of you working , you need not my forgiveness, for there is nothing to forgive.

Here's to hoping I make it back without incident. This .45 should help.

In other news:

Watched Inception, which was quite the mindfuck. In a good way. Watch it, highly recommended.

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