Sunday, November 7, 2010

What I did this week

The one thing I did not do this week, that I said I would, is go to the titty bar.

And I can't decide whether or not I regret it.

David/Constantin had a party last night.

Jeremiah plays the bongos.

And if mead was viking beer, the vikings had a hell of a good time in their party halls.

Gave a looted surfboard to Frank at DK Cabinets.

Visited the last Irish holdout in Diamond Bar, Happy's Bar and Grill.

Nerf gun war at Tiffy's apartment on Wednesday, where their "ambush" on unsuspecting innocent was countered by said innocent prepared for an assault. Had Icewine.

Assuming nothing great happened on Monday or Tuesday, because I can't remember either.

Oh, wait. I voted. And pretty much everything/one I voted for did not pass or get elected except for Cali assemblyman and House representative.

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