Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phantom of the Opera, Oinksters, and Halloween

Watched Phantom of the Opera today, apparently their final day in Los Angeles. Seats were alright, row V in the far left.

Didn't like the Christine Daae much, but the Phantom, a Stephen Tewksbery, was pretty good. The Twins that I had brought along were much more critical, though I suppose I'm just more forgiving and laid back like that.

Went to Oinkster for late lunch afterward. That was excellent, had the "Dark Night" brew, was dark and chocolate-y.

Spent the evening at David's. Conversated with David's father, drank a little, and gave trick-or-treat'rs lemons, because we totally forgot it was Halloween. Took Bombay home, and answered a question that she didn't believe the answer to, but hey, meh.

Will be voting on Tuesday.

I think I'm going Meg Whitman. Actually, I'll likely go Republican down the line.

And the Propositions? I'll think about it tomorrow.

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