Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday, I helped move a IKEA PAX. And this is a reminder for those who don't have pick-up trucks of their own:

Make friends with trucks. You can't regret it.

Now, the PAX is a dresser, 8 feet tall, and about the same across. In California, the standard ceiling height in a residential building is 8 feet. Does anyone see the problem with the above statement.

Apparently, my friend has been eyeballing this dresser for a while. He has just moved out of his parents house to a sh*thole of a room next to the Dodgers Stadium. I know I wanna get out of the house, but please, there's no way I would be so desperate as to rent a room with stale carpet. Hell, I didn't even know carpet could be stale!

All joking/not joking aside, the PAX, I will admit, is a rather handsome piece of kit, assuming one can get it set up, and being that it is an IKEA product, it should serve you well enough for many years to come.

Provided you don't move in said many years to come.

Please don't move. My ribs can't really take it.

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