Sunday, October 9, 2011


This week's main theme is fleas. I've 33 flea bites on various parts of my body.

I'm 90% certain I picked them up on the job. The current site had some rather large dogs(and rather large piles of dog poo) present at some point in the recent past, and they left us(the workers) some presents.

I also climbed a tree and took down a pretty shaky tree house.

Visited the new Mother's Market in Brea. Did not like. Too rich for me.

And that's not easy.

It was also too green.

The butcher shop next to it was more my taste, with exotic meats and tasty looking cuts, but also too rich for me.

Had a $0.10USD 6-wine tasting at Total Wine & More. Best Value of the Year.

Discovered that Popeyes Chicken was closing down all over the place, and drove some 30 miles to hunt one down. Was crushed to discover it had been replaced by a Church's Chicken, only to praise the heavens when we found it a block away.

Visited Pomona's Antique Row again. Have concluded that people collect the weirdest things. Have also concluded I want the $150USD replica of Mal's sidearm from Serenity.

Just you wait, my pretty...

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