Sunday, October 2, 2011

Black Rock Canyon and Brewery Art Walk

Had several interesting days this week.

On Thursday, I rolled out of bed and there was a cat waiting outside of my room. Apparently my dad left the garage door open and a cat wandered into the house. Played with it a bit then shooed it outside.
Later that same day, a dog wandered into the then current job site. Played with it a bit then shooed it outside.

Friday was the birthday of a friend, ate Korean BBQ. Was good.

Saturday, I went hiking for the first time in a long time. And not alone.

An outdoorsy-photography-minded person invited me with him to Black Star Canyon in Orange County. A short 6 mile round trip hike, made difficult by the 15lbs of camera equipment I had slung over my shoulder. I must find a more effective way of carrying a tripod, although I am sure I'm not the only person with such an issue.

We saw a tarantula, several frogs, a salamander skeleton, and a few other creatures. Oddly enough, there was a beheaded eagle spread across the ground early on in the hike. There was also a cute, but dead, mouse at the end of the trail, sitting on a rock. Flies and mosquitoes were very much in evidence.

There was a lot of scrambling along the trail. The other guy had Five Fingers, but I had left my pair in the car, reasoning that the extra weight of my camera equipment would necessitate footwear with more support, and thus stuck to my 5.11 boots. This was something of a mistake when it came time to scramble over the giant boulders.

At the end of the trail is (supposedly) a waterfall. Being as this is October and right after the dry season, there was no such thing. Climbed up into the hole where the waterfall supposedly flows from, took a gander, and promptly climbed down to retrieve my camera equipment. The tripod I had lugged along for the last two hours finally had purpose. 8 second exposures.

Overall, a good hike. Would do again.

Sunday(today), I had work in the morning and the evening. In the afternoon, I met up with a friend who had come back to town for the week, having moved to San Jose some months before. The two of us and his girl-of-questionable-relationship-status wandered around the LA Brewery Art Walk for a few hours before heading on to the Flying Pig. Brewery Art Walk was as interesting as it was last time. I didn't shoot many pictures of it though, as I've already seen the complex and didn't feel compelled to shoot it again. Flying Pig was delicious, though it reminded me how much I dislike brown rice.

After dropping off my friend at Bob Hope Airport, his girl-fring and I chatted about a possible whiskey tasting in the near future.

Hopefully, the three people who actually read this thing will see it up soon.


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was that dog the black one you had pictures of?

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