Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving is a Wonderful Holiday

It must be said that I am truly thankful for Thanksgiving. It shall go on as the holiday I value above all others.

Unlike, say, Christmas,  there is no pressure like presents; getting gifts for one, but not the other; spending too much, and not getting anything in return; last minute shopping; etc.
I had four different celebrations this Thanksgiving: with my family, with my girlfriend's (unknowing) family, and with two different groups of friends.

All were enjoyable, some more than others, but besides the point.

Thanksgiving is a time when everyone makes their way back home, to share in each others' company, to drink and laugh with friends all together, to reaffirm bonds that may have frayed through the rougher times of the year.

Something about the food and the festive atmosphere allows us to put aside our troubles and just smile at one another, rubbing shoulders in a room full of people willing to rub shoulders with you.

Food was most excellent at two of four celebrations, middling at the third, and one is not really worth mentioning. Ironically, it was the gathering with the least number of people that had the best vittles.

That mac n' cheese really was the best I'd ever had, and the ham was the stuff of dreams.

Other things:

Went to the Auto Show. For the money, want a Fiat Abarth. For not the money, want a Porche 911. Not many models(human female), more in the Nintendo booth playing Mario Kart with 4-10 year olds(who aren't quite up to appreciating the pretty ladies and their low cut shirts) than in the rest of the show put together.

Went to the shooting range. First in a long while. Will pick up CZ-75B in .40 when found, probably in black. Would like Springfield EMP, but expensive.

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