Monday, December 5, 2011

The most expensive time of the year

Christmas is coming, and lots of money is being spent.

Admittedly, most of it is on myself.

Tee Hee*deadpan*

Related: Need to make room in the safe. Ordered some Handgun Hangers. Hope they work as well as advertised.

Also, need to figure out new ammunition stockpiling solution, and to discuss future purchases and caliber sharing.

Got my girlfriend something too, but nothing that goes bang. She still lives at home, unfortunately.
Also, I'm told not to get girlfriends any guns unless you purchase yourself some body armor at the same time. Crotch plate required.

And I've forgotten to get my oil changed in the truck for yet another week. Damn.

Oh, and photoventure to come soon! Hopefully!

Beyond that, Santa Ana winds tore up lots of SoCal, and several of our company properties. Annoyed, but did hear the most awesome wind chime during the gusty weather. Never knew how beautiful they could sound.

Went to a birthday celebration at The Association in LA. Bar lacked many bottles, such as Midori and Southern Comfort. Interesting night, spent most of it being a pillow. Girlfriend barfed. Pics on FB.

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