Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daleka and Mirna, + Mad

Picked up two guns. A CZ-75B in .40 S&W and a Yugo M59 SKS.

I only have a picture of Daleka for now, as Mirna is disassembled and waiting for a cosmoline removal treatment.

Will be picking up a third gun in a few days.

Handgun Hangers are working awesome.

Now needing to stockpile .32ACP and 7.62x39.


Went to a photography workshop/lecture thing with my girlfriend for our anniversary(or that date we arbitrarily decided would be our anniversary). Didn't learn much, and spent a buncha lotta money. But it was something to do with her.

Speaking of which, she's having a big mad right now. At me. As is typical, I'm not sure why, but I'll get back to you when I do. (Note to self: Letter?)

That or the next post will be very sad and dark. Or sad and flippant.

But mostly just sad.


Rained a bunch, snow in the mountains. Looks pretty, but I don't want to break another rib on it.

3DS is fun and 3D, but the 3D is kind of headache inducing. But I still like it. Thanks, shuggapuddin', even if you're sad I guessed what it was. And hating at me at the moment.

For reference: I got her a big chibified Chewie. It's cute. And it growls.


TqM said...

Did you take that (pretty awesome) photo before or after the photography class?

Teko said...

After, if it makes any difference.