Monday, March 12, 2012

Gone again, gone away

Had delicious gastropub food again this week.

The Back Abbey in Claremont receives my good review, in the picture that says a thousand words.

Also went back to Chapter One, and had the Foie Gras Burger. The best (remembered) burger I've ever had. Seafood Napoleon thingy was good too. As was the Moscow Mule, again. Not impressed by Vampyre cocktail.

Visitor left, said she'd try to come back and attend grad school in LA. I wished her luck.

Got my GF a new watch, Skagen, after "fixing" her old G-Shock(beeping at night kept waking me). Also gave her some money and told her to update specific parts of her wardrobe. This process is still ongoing.

Beyond all that:

Journey, the game I've been waiting a year for, is releasing tomorrow. Yay!

Syria: It bothers me how we haven't gone and done a Libya on it by now. Read the accounts of William Daniels.
I doubt that this situation is going to resolve itself without outside intervention.

Need to go to Vegas for work Friday. But need to be back by Saturday night dinner thing for Substitute.

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