Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Visitors and Food

Thursday night, I went to Chapter One with the GF, the Substitute(twin), and her boyfriend. Food was more than acceptable, but the toast of the night was their excellent Moscow Mule.

Visitor arrived Friday night, and life got expensive.

We (GF, gf, and me) went with her to eat lunch with another one of her friends in LA Saturday. Said friend, who is a model and makes me afraid of Thailand, picked a place called The Ivy in Beverly Hills.

I dropped $300USD there, on lunch. Damn near shat myself when I saw the menu and the prices.

I will say, however, that the food and service was excellent. Not $100 a head excellent though.

The following evening, we went to a favorite gastropub, Lola Gaspar, dropped $150. Food was...not as good as expected, but still good. I'd say satisfactory.

Dropped visitor off at the Holiday Inn in Santa Ana, where she would be staying for the week while training at the Xerox HQ.

Tuesday night, I picked her up and went with Substitute(GF went with gf to somewhere, UX something or the other) to The Crosby, which was alright on the beverage end, but I thought lacking a little on the food side. Dropped $180USD.

Total for the week so far, not including gas and my own at work meals: $630USD

I need an expense account.

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