Monday, April 2, 2012

Artwalk, Blue Sweaters

Jury duty, almost got selected for a murder trial. Would have lasted an estimated three weeks, so that was a close call.

Worked a lot during the week.

Weekend was better. Girlfriend had a creative idea Saturday night.

Went to the Brewery Art Walk on Sunday with GF and g f. Saw things I already saw, but had the catered bbq pork ribs for the first time, probably the most delicious ones I've ever had(this year, at least).

Also visited The Grove LA and the attached farmer's market for the first time. The Grove was meh, but the farmer's market reminded me of marketplaces in Taiwan.

Got bored of The Grove, came back to Brea, and got my girl something at Fredrick's. She got me a light blue sweater.

I loathe it, but she says it's attractive.

I'll wear it to bed then.

(Side Note: The same sweater in a much more pleasing gray color was $10 dollars more, proving the superiority of gray over light blue. I did get myself the gray one.)

Ate Bruxies, group-cuddled, then called it a day. Over all, a good weekend.

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