Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Snowboarding yet again

Had KBBQ with the guys Friday night, no girls around. Was interesting, this male bonding thing that has been lacking in my life for some time(Girlfriend and cuddlebuddies do that to you, but I'm not complaining the least bit).

Went snowboarding this weekend, - 15 hp.

Determined that I am to leave for Taiwan on family business from May 3 - May 13, purchased tickets. Economy Class, of course.

Hunger Games reached 300 mil, I probably should go watch it soon.

Planning some kind of full weekend adventure before I leave for Taiwan. Maybe Catalina again, or San Diego, or Santa Barbara. Still working it out in my head. Needs to be cheap enough for other people to go.

Money is the great limiter and the great enabler.

I need more of it. Failing that, my friends need more of it.

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