Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Rained last week, discovered mold growing on my bedroom wall the next day. Tore out said wall, found termites.

Dampwood termites, so treated wood around leak, sealed leak, patched it back up.

But since I already put the work into it, decided to improve the rest of the room.

Have purchased some flexible track-lights to replace old, cheapy gaudy thing that is currently on ceiling. Found rug to pull room together. Installed a reinforced cross beam in the ceiling and a hitching ring on it for potential "fun."

Now working on a large mirrored in wall cabinet. Problem is, need to re-wire and re-frame space where said cabinet is going. Also need to build said cabinet. Front will be a STAVE from IKEA.

Beyond all that, didn't do much. Ate ramen Yamadaya in Costa Mesa. Not impressed.

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