Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Slow Down, Son

Things are calm now that I'm home.

Except for the fact that everyone is freaking out over possible gun ban and all the store shelves are empty.

Price of an AR has damn near tripled in three weeks. Goddamn Newtown.

Wouldn't putting the gun control effort into something like mental health and counseling be more effective than banning guns? It's not like guns are the reason for the shooting.

I can't even get a goddamn M1A, and it's unlikely that the Democrats will ban those.

And seriously, why the hell can't I get a Dragunov in Kalifornia?  What makes it so much more dangerous than say, a M1A?!

In other news:

Today was Day 2 of my waking up at 7:00AM to work out. Morning workouts, while more injurious than afternoon workouts, have the advantage of being more consistent. Kettlebell swings, lead me to...something. I actually don't know what I'm aiming for.

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