Thursday, January 31, 2013

Got Sick, Got Better, Got Sushi

Caught a cold. Probably from my father. Gargled lots of whiskey. Got Better. And then I went and got sushi.

I was craving it.

Still am, really.

Nosedot returned to Baltimore for her last semester at school. Sigh. Whose nose do I poke now?

Back on kettlebells again.

Friend's girlfriend's birthday over the weekend. Went to dinner at Gyu-kaku in LA.
It's no longer AYCE, and I got dripped on constantly by a leaky roof. On the other hand, I knew the waiter(Evan, from Econ. Small world.), and we got happy hour pricing for my trouble(although I was not alone, another girl, Carol, joined in my misery, somewhat.).

Went clubbing at Busby's East afterwards. Decided I had my fill of such places for the next year or two.

In other news:

Pick and pluck foam is cool, but tedious to work with.

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