Monday, January 7, 2013

Texas again

WARNING: Whiny Rant Ahead!!! Detour at upper right hand X!

Had a pretty fine week, all things considered.

This week will be different though. I'm in El Paso now, on the way to Houston. Things need doing, I'm going to do them. Problem is, my father is in the driver's seat.

The trip will take a week. I planned for about 12 hours of lectures.

I've already sat though 4.

Something about how I go out too much, stay out too late, never do anything right(but don't lose confidence in yourself, your self-confidence is low enough! And btw, that thing you did 2 weeks ago that I said you did fine at? You actually fucked it up, but I just didn't want to tell you or you would be sad and lose confidence, so instead I'll tell you now.), and how my current girlfriend isn't suitable and how it's all his fault and he doesn't know how to talk to me because I always complain about him and so on and so forth.

And that was after he compared me to one of his business partners who he had spent about an hour and a half telling me what a useless failure he(the partner) was.

Basically, I need to:

1: Break up with my girlfriend(most important)

2: Stop fucking up everything I touch

3: Don't complain(in my day...up hill both a typhoon...)

4: No backtalk

5: If you try to move out, the taxman will eat you, right after you try eating your own unboiled boots because you couldn't afford food or gas to cook your boots on your allowance.

Simple enough. I'll get right on that. After my self-confidence gets low enough I give up on any semblance of my own life all together.

Shouldn't take too much longer.

It's really not easy being my father's son.

In other somewhat related news:

Had McDonald's twice today. Chicken nuggets both times. And bottled water. I swear I'll have a McRib before I go home.

I swear it.

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