Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sticks and Stones

Ain't much to say bout this week.

Gun control activists do their thing, and Kalifornia is happy to let them.

Start getting all your friends to buy Mosin Nagants($90 at Big 5 on a good day, big "hi powered" bullets found everywhere ammo shortage or not) and see how long it'll take for them to want to ban those too. Actually, not "want." They already "want" to. I suppose the word should be "try." Then the word after that is "succeed." 

Start with semi-auto, then move on to all magazine fed weapons, then anything that accepts a centerfire cartridge, then restrict anything that launches a projectile at more than 600ft/sec(Sir, that's an illegal spud gun you have there. I'll have to take you in and confiscate that weapon).

Then they'll restrict bows and crossbows after former California gun rights activists start taking up archery and crossbow hunting en masse. Especially when a few of the now "weapon control activists" are assassinated by bolts and arrows.

Then we'll need permits for long sticks.

I'll being doing OC Restaurant Week tonight and tomorrow. I'll blog about that hopefully before I leave for Texas on Sunday.

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