Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Remember Much, but Man-Date

Don't remember much about the week, must not've been exciting.

Had a man-date this weekend. Went to explore Los Angeles like tourists, even though we live in this city.

Rode Angel's Flight for the first time. Both learned and experienced new word: funicular.

Went to eat at The Standard hotel. Meh.

Had a drink on at the Rooftop bar. Old Fashioned was too red, and Moscow Mule was disgusting, but location was cool.

Then went to Venice. Never been, not sure if I wanna go back. Crowded, with instant pot-card doctors everywhere. Tried to hunt down TheChive to see if they had a store. Nope - only an office. Bleh.

Have lost faith in Command strips. Used 4 sets trying to hang a single framed poster. Failed me each time, destroying the frame at one point, requiring that I get a new one. Finally hung the damn thing using screw in flush mounts.

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